Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Message from Betty after the Fundraiser

Many thanks to family for the efforts of family and friends for putting this together and to all of you who made the effort to attend. Earl and I dreamed of spending many wonderful years of happiness here on the 'best coast ', but it was not to be. We were doing really well until January 24th 2010. I remember that date because we were on our way home from taking my long lost brother to the airport on his way back to England. Earl noticed that I had slowed and slurred speech, I knew what it was, but fought the diagnosis tooth and nail. How could this be happening to me, why now? The same thing happened to my mother; retirement and then the horrible diagnosis. I want this to be more than about me, I want it to raise awareness of this devastating disease. I want everyone to go to YouTube and search for Sarah's story.  That is my story. I was feeling on top of the world and I was looking forward to a great new life.
Thank you to all who were involved in the organization of this event and thank you again to all who took his time to attend. Your kindness will not be forgotten.
Thank you also to all the people who made donations to the silent auction.