Sunday, May 1, 2011

October 31, 2010 5678 Dance Studio Helps Fight ALS

On Halloween day, a special show and party was held to raise funds to help friend Betty Fisher fight her recent diagnosis of ALS. The afternoon began with an exciting dance performance including the studio’s best pieces, which included dancers, teachers, families and friends of 5678 Dance Studio. After the show, guests had a hauntingly good time at their Halloween party. The evening raised $2175 to help assist Betty Fisher (Jenkins) with the costs associated with living with ALS.
From  EMC Kingston

Posted Nov 4, 2010 By Kristyn Wallace
EMC News - Betty Jenkins couldn't be in Kingston last weekend to attend the dance recital held in her honour. But the former Limestone City resident, who now lives on Bowen Island in British Columbia, was in the hearts and minds of members of 5678 Dance...
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